September 2018

September 2018

September 28

UM No. 383 s.2018 (3:11pm)

  •  DepEd Cabuyao Teaching, Non-Teaching and Stakeholders Convention

September 27

UM No. 382 s.2018 (4:04pm)

  • Creation-of-Division-Band

September 26

Division Memorandum No. 038-s.2018 (3:34pm)

  • Schedule-of-Activities-on-the-Standardized-Test-Administration-of-Various-Testing-Programs

UM No. 381 s.2018 (3:34pm)

  • Simultaneous-Girls-scouts-of-the-Philippines-Investiture-Day

UM No. 380 s.2018 (3:34pm)

  • Validation-of-Periodical-Test-Questions-in-Filipino-and-MTBMLE

September 25

UM No. 377 s.2018 (4:46pm)

  • Reiteration of the Policy on Government Office Hours and the Administrative offenses of Frequent Unauthorized Absence(Habitual Absenteeism Tardiness in Reporting for Duty; And Loafing From Duty During Regular Office Hours

UM No. 376 s.2018(4:14pm)

  • Bantula-International-Research-Conference-on-Culture-based-education-and-Diwang-Sagisag-Kultura-Competition-and-Festival

Division Memoradum No. 037 s.2018 (2:54pm)

  • 2018-Celebration-of-Development-Policy-Research-Month-DPRM

September 24

Advisory No. 102 (3:53pm)

  • International English Teachers Conference 2018

UM No. 379 s.2018 (3:53pm)

  • Creation of the Financial Management Reforms Committee in the Department of Education

UM No. 378 s.2018 (3:53pm)

  • 19th National Convention and seminar workshop of the National Organization of Professional Teachers Inc.

September 21

EPS MAPEH and PSDS Ranking (1:12pm)

UM No. 374 s.2018 (1:12pm)

  • -LRMDS-Portal-Registration-of-all-Nationally-Funded-Teaching-Personnel

UM No. 372 s.2018(1:12pm)

  • -Submission-of-School-Library-Profile

Division Memorandum No. 036 s.2018 (1:12pm)

  • -Third-Quarter-Division-DRRM-Conference-Cum-Contingency-Planning-Workshop-and-School-Disaster-Risk-Reduction-and-Management-Manual-Booklets-1-and-2-Walkthrough

September 20

UM No. 376 s.2018 (5:19pm)

  • Bantula International Research Conference on Culture-based education, and Diwang Sagisag Kultura Competition and Festival

UM No. 375 s.2018 (5:19pm)

  • Submission of list of Nationally Funded Teaching Personnel for creation reset of DepEd email account

UM No. 373 s.2018 (5:19pm)

  • Creation of the Schools Division Technical Working Group of the 2018 Principal’s test Online Application System (PTOAS)

UM No. 371 s.2018 (5:19pm)

  • Division Orientation on the 2018 Principal’s Test Online Application System (PTOAS)

September 19

Division Advisory No.101 s.2018 (6:39pm)

  • Invitational-Attendance-to-EndChildMarriage-Nationwide-Poster-making-Competition

UM No. 370 s.2018 (6:39pm)

  • Girl-Scouts-School-Coordinators-Meeting

UM No. 369 s.2018 (6:39pm)

  • Escoda-Day

UM No. 368 s.2018 (6:39pm)

  • -Division-Capacity-Building-for-School-Guidance-Counselors-Coordinators-on-the-operations-of-School-Guidance-Centers

UM No. 367 s.2018 (6:39pm)

  • Corrigendum-to-the-Division-Memorandum-No.-365-s.2018-Division-Senior-High-school-Values-Formation-Summit-theme-The-role-of-youth-on-the-rights-and-values-in-the-formation-of-excellent-governance

September 18

Division Advisory No. 100 s.2018 (6:59pm)

  • Division-Learning-Action-Cell-Session-for-pre-elementary-teachers-of-private-schools-on-the-administration-of-Early-Childhood-Development-ECD-Checklist

September 17

UM No. 366 s.2018 (3:05pm)

  • Corrigendum to the Division Memorandum No. 34 s. 2018

September 14

UM No. 365 s.2018 (11:26am)

  • Division-Senior-High-School-Values-Formation-Summit-Theme-The-role-of-the-youth-on-the-rights-and-values-in-the-formation-of-excellent-governance

UM No. 364 s.2018 (11:26am)

  • Schedule-of-Demonstration-teaching-and-Interview-for-Teacher-I-Applicants-4th-batch

UM No. 363 s.2018 (11:26am)

  • Results-of-the-Division-Level-Story-Book-Writing-Competition

Division Advisory No.099 s.2018 (11:26am)

  • National-Conference-in-Strengthening-the-Filipino-Nation

September 13

Division Advisory No. 098 s.2018 (10:25pm)

  • Invitational-Attendance-to-the-Asia-Pacific-Conference-on-Curriculum-Studies-and-Instructional-Designing-2018-of-APRACSI

Division Advisory No. 097 s.2018 (10:25pm)

  • Invitational-Attendance-to-the-Seminar-Workshops-of-Institute-of-Leaders-in-Educational-Advancement-and-Developmenti.Lead-Inc.

UM No. 362 s.2018 (10:25pm)

  • Division-Learning-ACtion-Cell-Session-for-Pre-Elementary-Teachers-of-Private-Schools-on-the-Administration-of-early-childhood-developmentECD-checklist

UM No. 361 s.2018 (10:25pm)

  • Corrigendum-to-unnumbered-Memorandum-No.345s.2018

UM No. 360 s.2018 (10:25pm)

  • NAT-7-10-Orientation-Meeting

UM No. 359 s.2018 (10:25pm)

  • Call-for-the-nominees-to-the-Excellence-in-School-Leadership-Program-of-the-SEAMEO-Innotech

UM No. 356 s.2018 (10:25pm)

  • Change-of-Schedule-for-Cluster-meet

September 12

Division Advisory No. 096 s.2018 (9:40pm)

  • Invitational Attendance to The 2nd Gapasan “Habi Ng Luzon” National Festival On Contemporary Arts of The Arts Research and Training Institute in Southern Tagalog Incorporated (Artist Inc.)

Division Advisory No. 095 s.2018 (9:40pm)

  • LIRIP 2018 Pambansang Komperensiya sa Filipino

Division Advisory No. 094 s.2018 (9:40pm)

  • Invitational Attendance to The 1st International Conference and Workshop on Technology and Strategic Classroom and Research Innovation of International Cross-Cultural Exchange and Professional Development

Division Advisory No. 093 s.2018 (9:40pm)

  • Advisory-on-Typhoon-Preparedness

UM No. 358 s.2018 (9:40pm)

  • Venue and Final Dates of the E-SHDP Foundation Course

UM No. 357 s.2018 (9:40pm)

  • List of 2018 Cluster meet Venues Technical Working Group TWG and Officials

UM No. 355 s.2018 (9:40pm)

  • Corrigendum-to-the-Division-Teachers-Training-on-critical-content-for-Filipino-7

September 11

Division Advisory No. 092 s.2018 (2:38pm)

  • Ika 5 Kongreso sa Filipino Ik:alawang Pangkat

UM No. 354 s.2018 (2:38pm)

  • 2018 Division Festival of Talents

September 10

UM No. 352 s.2018 (5:01pm)

  • Pagbabago-Sa-Kalatas-Bilang-322-s.2018-Pansangay-na-Tagisan-ng-Talento-sa-Filipino

UM No. 351 s.2018 (5:01pm)

  • Pagbabago-sa-Kalatas-Bilang-321-s.2018-Pansangay-na-Tagisan-sa-Ispeling-I-ispel-mo

September 7

UM No. 350 s.2018 (4:55pm)

  • Final-instructions-on-the-conduct-of-Division-Schools-Sports-and-Writing-Olympics

UM No. 349 s.2018 (4:55pm)

  • Simultaneous-Conduct-of-2018-Cluster-Meet

UM No. 348 s.2018 (4:55pm)

  • Batang-Pinoy-National-Championship-Competition-by-Philippine-Sports-Commision

September 6

UM No. 347 s.2018 (5:20pm)

  • Availability of Ayla Mobile Library

UM No. 346 s.2018 (5:20pm)

  • Pre Planning Committee Meeting for Division Learning Action Cell on Early Childhood Development Checklist for Pre-Elementary Teachers of Private Schools

UM No. 345 s.2018 (5:20pm)

  • Ballet Manila Philippines

UM No. 344 s.2018 (5:20pm)

  • Creation of Division Gender and Development Focal Point System (GFPS)

UM No. 343 s.2018 (5:20pm)

  • Synchronized Meeting in All Subject Areas

UM No. 342 s.2018 (5:20pm)

  • 2019 DOST SEI Science and Technology Undergraduate Scholarship Program

September 4

UM No. 341 s.2018 (1:26 pm)

  • Division Troop Leaders’ Meeting

UM No. 340 s.2018 (1:21 pm)

  • DepEd Partnership System (DPDS)Awareness and Consultative Meeting

UM No. 339 s.2018 (1:01pm)

  • Recapitulation of Schools-Based Feeding Program Policies and Required Forms MOOE Issues and Concerns

UM No. 338 s.2018 (10:18am)

  • Final Date of the Division Training-Workshop on Strengthening the Conduct of the Learning Action Cell

UM No. 337 s.2018 (10:18am)

  • Division Launching of Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program