October 2018


October 31

UM No. 438 s.2018 (1:49pm)

  • Conduct of CY 2018 4th Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED) and Simultenous of World Tsunami Awareness Day

UM No. 437 s.2018 (12:01pm)

  • School Assignments and Schedules of Division Dentists

October 29

Division Advisory No. 116 s.2018 (5:04pm)

  • Invitation to Join the First Christmas Parol-Making Contest of the DMI Medical Supply Inc.

UM No. 434 s.2018 (5:00pm)

Official List of Araling Panlipunan Delegates to the 2018 Regional Festival of Talents

UM  No. 433 s.2018 (5:00pm)

  • 2018 Education Summit Cum Recognition of Stakeholders Finalization Meeting

October 25

UM No. 432 s.2018 (4:51pm)

  • Research Clinic Phases 5 and 6

UM No. 431 s.2018 (3:50pm)

  • Corrigendum to the Division Memorandum No. 39, s.2018

UM No. 430 s.2018 (3:48pm)

  • Releasing of Financial Assistance for Gulayan sa Paaralan Program (GPP) For SY 2018-2019 for SY 2018-2019

UM No. 429 s.2018 (3:46pm)

The 2018 Regional Competition on Storybook Designing and Illustration

UM No. 428 s.2018 (3:45pm)

  • List of Developed Learning Resources

UM No. 427 s.2018 (3:44pm)

  • Philippine Science Heritage Center(PSHC) Salinlahi Evolution Workshop

UM No. 426 s.2018 (3:43pm)

  • Division Re-orientation on result-based Management system and Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers(RPMS-PPST) and Enhanced Teacher Induction Program (TIP)

UM No. 425 s.2018 (3:41pm)

ISO9001 2015 Benchmarking

UM No. 424 s.2018 (3:36pm)

  • Submission of Inventory of Schools with School Library and Library Collections

UM No. 423 s.2018 (3:36pm)

  • Official List of Delegates to the 2018 Regional Festival of Talents

October 24

Division Advisory No. 115 s.2018 (3:23pm)

  • Re: Showing of Liway of the VY/AC Productions and Exquisite Aspect Ventures

Division Advisory No. 114 s.2018 (3:21pm)

  • 14th National Biotechnology Week of the Department of Agriculture

UM No. 422 s.2018 (3:20pm)

  • Reiteration of DepEd 2018 Calendar of Schedules for October and non-working Holidays for November

October 22

UM No. 421 s.2018 (5:26pm)

  • New School Assignments and Schedules of Division and Local School Board Nurses

Division Advisory No. 113 s.2018 (5:26pm)

  • Invitational Attendance to the National Conference in Strengthening the Filipino Nation of SACEDA YOUTH LEAD

October 19

UM No. 420 s.2018 (12:17pm)

  • National Observance of the Filipino Values Month Division ESP-Filipino Values Celebration Competition

UM No. 419 s.2018 (12:14pm)

  • Rescheduled 2018 City Athletic Meet (Dual Meet)

UM No. 418 s.2018 (12:10pm)

  • Oplan Kalusugan sa DepEd Division Celebration of the National Mental Health Month

UM No. 417 s.2018 (12:07pm)

  • Administration of the Teachers’ English Proficiency Test and the Process Skills Test in Science and Mathematics

UM No. 416 s.2018 (12:06pm)

  • Division Elementary Values Formation Summit “Kabataan : Ngayon ay ikaw, sino ka bukas?”

UM No. 415 s.2018 (12:05pm)

  • Responsible Personnel for the Inventory Monitoring of Operational Condition and the Maintenance of Properties Plant and Equipment (PPE) in the Division Office

Division Advisory No. 112 s.2018 (12:02pm)

  • Invitational Attendance to the Hack4PH: The 1st Philippine eGovernment Innovation Challenge of the National Government Portal(Gov.ph)

Division Advisory No. 111 s.2018 (12:00pm)

  • Invitational Participation to the Batangas Food and Beverage Exposition 3 (BAFBEX 8): Going Magically Infinite

Memorandum No. 039-s.2018 (12:00pm)

  • City Schools Division of Cabuyao Performance Review and Planning Meeting

October 18

UM No. 414 s.2018 (4:33pm)

  • Attendees in the Regionwide Training on the Enhancement of DAP-ELLN and Inclusive Child-centered Techniques for K to Grade 3 Teachers (Cluster 3)

October 17

UM No. 413 s.2018 (8:18am)

  • Recognition of the Newly Elected Federated Parents Teachers Association Officials S.Y. 2018-2019

UM No. 412 s.2018 (8:16am)

  • Composition of Division Disposal Committee

October 16

UM No. 411 s.2018 (10:30am)

  • Learning Resource Quality Assurance, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Technical Assistance cum Travel Order

October 15

UM No. 410 s.2018 (5:20pm)

  • Division ESP and School Guidance Coordinators meeting

Division Advisory No.110 s.2018 (5:18pm)

  • Invitational Attendance to the Education Summit 2018 of the Global Peace Foundation Philippines

Division Advisory No. 109 s.2018 (5:16pm)

  • Pambansang Kumperensiyang Pang-Agham: Masulong na Agham sa Wikang Filipino

Division Advisory No. 108 s.2018 (5:16pm)

  • Pambansang Kumperensiya sa Pagsasalin 2018: Tagpo at Tagpuan: Pagsasalin ng/sa mga Disiplina sa nagbabagong panahon

Division Advisory No. 107 s.2018 (5:15pm)

  • Seminar-workshop sa pagsulat ng Kuwentong Pambata para sa Big Book Gamit ang Inang Wika

Division Bulletin No. 009 s.2018 (8:45am)

  • 2018 Gawad Galing Cabuhenyo Winners

October 12

UM No. 409 s.2018 (4:56pm)

  • Announcing the Winners of 2018 Division Festival of Talents

UM No. 408-s.2018 (3:15pm)

  • Data-gathering-on-the-DepEd-Employees-with-Disability

UM No. 407 s.2018 (3:15pm)

  • Attendees-for-the-Regionwide-Training-on-early-language-literacy-and-numeracy-Professional-Development-Component

UM No. 406 s.2018 (3:15pm)

  • 2018 Education-Summit-Cum-Recognition-of-stakeholders-meeting

UM No. 404 s.2018 (12:10pm)

  • Addendum in Creation of Division Band

October 11

UM No. 401-s.2018 (5:15pm)

  • Corrigendum to Division Memorandum No.031 Regarding The Schedules of Division Schools Sports and writing Olympics Group Contest and Other Updates on the 2019 Regional Schools Press Conference

UM No. 405 s.2018 (4:15pm)

  • Regional Science and Technology Week (RSTW)

UM No. 403 s.2018 (4:15pm)

  • Contest on Storybook Designing and Illustration

UM No. 402 s.2018 (4:15pm)

  • Meeting RE Submission of Updated Service Records

Division Advisory No. 106 s.2018 (4:15pm)

  • Collab Science Workshop

Division Advisory No. 105 s.2018 (4:15pm)

  • Invitational Attendance to National Conference for Values and Religion Educators

Division Advisory No. 104 s.2018 (4:15pm)

  • 18th Regional Chemistry Olympiad

October 10

UM No. 399 s.2018 (5:08pm)

  • Division Guidelines on the Issuance of Certificates

Advisory No. 103 s.2018 (12:20pm)

  • Learners Farm Visit at Cafe de Cabuyao

UM No. 400 s.2018 (12:20pm)

  • 2018 City Athletic Meet (Dual Meet)

UM No. 398 s.2018 (12:20pm)

  • Attendees for the Regional Training on the Enhancement of Pedagogical Skills in Teaching Reading in the Mother Tongue and Bridging Process of Grade 2 Teachers

UM No. 397 s.2018 (12:20pm)

  • Attendees in the Regional Training on the Pedagogical Retooling in Mathematics, Languages and Science (PRIMALS and PRIMALS PLUS) Program for Key Stage 2 and Junior High School

UM No. 396 s.2018 (12:20pm)

  • Participants to the Retreat-Workshop on the Power of a Teacher’s Heart It Can Change a Student’s Life. It Can Change the World

UM No. 395 s.2018 (12:20pm)

  • Online Submission of Status Report on School Governing Council (SGC)

UM No. 394 s.2018 (12:20pm)

  • Reiteration of Office Standard Operating Procedures on Submission of Schools Division Office Written Communications

UM No. 393 s.2018 (12:20pm)

  • Participation to the Regional TIP Kick Off Program

October 5

UM No. 392 s.2018 (2:09pm)

  • Division-Orientation-on-School-based-Immunization

UM No. 389 s.2018 (8:32am)

  • Announcing-the-2018-Gawad-Galing-Cabuhenyo-Finalists-and-Awarding-Ceremony

October 3

UM No. 391 s.2018 (6:07pm)

  • Procedure-on-the-request-for-the-issuance-of-Certificate-of-Remittances

UM No. 390 s.2018 (6:07pm)

  • Regional-Memorandum-No.-550-S.2018-Measures-to-enhance-Teachers-welfare-in-Calabarzon

UM No. 388 s.2018 (6:07pm)

  • Monitoring-and-Evaluation-on-the-Implementation-of-DepEd-Computerization-Program

October 2

UM No. 387 s.2018 (4:10pm)

  • Updated Guidelines on Delivery, Inspection, Acceptance and Recording of DepEd Procured Assets

UM No. 386 s.2018 (2:09pm)

  • Amendments and Additional Provisions to DepEd Order Nos. 12 s.2004;36 s.2007; and 52, s.2017 (Revised Implementing Guidelines for the DepEd Provident Fund

UM No. 385 s.2018 (2:09pm)

  • Availability of LRMDS nook for Researchers

UM No. 384 s.2018 (2:09pm)

  • Postponement Notice