July 2018

July 2018

July 31

UM No. 281s s.2018 (5:09pm)

  • SDO Management Committee Cum “Orientation on Basic Budgetary Process/Disbursement and Accounting Procedure”

Division Memorandum No. 031, s.2018 (4:32pm)

  • 2018 Division Schools Sports and Writing Olympics

Division Memorandum No. 030, s.2018 (4:26pm)

  • Division Training of School Paper Advisers on Campus Journalism

UM No. 280, s.2018 (4:01pm)

  • Compliance to the Submission of Procurement-Related Documents Relative to the Grant of the PBB FY 2018

UM No. 279, s.2018 (3:54pm)

  • Cabuyao Youth Week

July 30

UM No. 278 s.2018 (2:47pm)

  • Scholarship Nomination for a Training Course on “Industrial Technology Education”

Division Memorandum No. 029 s.2018 (1:35pm)

  • Participation to the BSP Councilwide Rover Orientation, Vigil and Investiture Ceremony (ROVIC)

Division Advisory No. 081 s.2018 (1:34pm)

  • 3rd History Bee Competition

July 27

UM No. 277 s. 2018 (11:47am)

  • DepEd Night “One DepEd: Affirming, Celebrating and Showcasing Talents”

July 26

UM No. 276, s.2018 (2:51pm)

  • Corrigendum to the Unnumbered Memorandum No. 233 s.2018 Entitled “Yes to Health, Check to Makalidad na Edukasyon Dulot ng Labing may Ngiti” Project Vis-A-Vis “Oplan Flouridization” para sa mga Mag-aaral ng Cabuyao

UM No. 275 s.2018 (1:25pm)

  • No Work and No Classes in All Public Schools and the Schools Division Office Proper at the City Schools Division of Cabuyao in Celebration of the 6th Cityhood Anniversary of the City of Cabuyao, Laguna

July 25

UM No. 274 s.2018 (5:32pm)

  • School-Based Feeding Program Budget and Liquidation Concerns School Monitoring, Evaluation and Adjustment

Division Advisory No. 080 s.2018 (2:02pm)

  • Sepak Takraw & Chinlone Technical Rules Traning and Updating Seminar 2018

July 24

UM No. 273, s.2018 (6:12pm)

  • SDO Cabuyao City Official Nominees to the 2018 CALABARZON Gawad Patnugot

UM No. 272, s.2018 (6:11pm)

  • Division Learning Action Cell Pansangay na Pagsasanay ng mga Tagapagsanay sa mga Dulog at Lapit sa Pagtuturo ng Pagbasa sa Filipino

UM No. 271, s.2018 (6:09pm)

Accomplishment and Submission of the Division Training Development Information System Template

July 23

Division Advisory No. 079, s.2018

  • Postponement of Division Launching of Oplan Kalusugan sa DepEd (Ok sa DepEd)

July 20

UM No. 266, s.2018

  • ISO 9001 2015 Quality Manual Writing Session

July 19

UM No. 270, s.2018

  • 2018 MTAP-DepEd Saturday Programs in Mathematics for Regular and Talented Learners

UM No. 268, s.2018

  • Ika-5 Kongreso sa Filipino PASATAF CALABARZON

UM No. 269, s.2018

  • Policy on the Implementation of Multi-Factored Assessment Tool

July 18

UM No. 267, s.2018

  • Patrol Leadership Course Theme Impact Celebrating Positive Change

UM No. 265, s.2018

  • 2018 Brigada Eskwela Awardees

UM No. 264, s.2018

  • Research Clinic Phase 1

UM No. 263, s.2018

  • First SPED and GSP Joint Activity in Celebration of Disability Month Activity

July 16

UM No. 262, s.2018

  • City Schools Division Orientation Training on School and Home Gardening

July 13

Division Advisory No. 077 s.2018

  • Malayan Colleges of Laguna (MCL) Cup 2018

July 11

UM No. 261 s.2018

  • Survey on the Kindergarten Teachers needs Assessment

UM No. 260 s.2018

  • Division Launching of OK sa DepEd and School Level Celebration of One Health Week-min

UM No. 259 s.2018

  • OK sa DepEd Division Launching Planning and Workshop on School Level One Health Week Celebration Planning and Program Implementation

UM No. 258 s.2018

  • Updating of School Building Inventory and Official Facebook Group

UM No. 257 s.2018

  • Conduct of Orientation for Baseline Physical Examination and Profiling of Dengvaxia Vaccinees

July 10

UM No. 256, s.2018

  • 2018 Nutrilympics

UM No. 255, s.2018

  • 2018 TALISIK (Talino at Saliksik) Quiz Bee

UM No. 254, s.2018

  • Wash on Schools (WINS) Monitoring and Evaluation

UM No. 253, s.2018

  • ISO 9001 2015 Risk-Based Thinking Seminar (Continuation) and Quality Manual Writing Session

July 9

UM No. 252 s.2018

  • Submission of Updated Inventory of Learning Resources

UM No. 251 s.2018

  • Submission of Designated of School Learning Resources Manager Coordinator

July 6

UM No. 248, s.2018

  • Corrigendum to Unnumbered Memorandum no. 149, s.2018 and Division Advisory no. 059, s.2018 Division Mass Training of Receiving Teachers on Special Education

Division Memorandum No. 028 s.2018

  • Data Extraction for Contingency Planning Workshop for the Big One and Other Major Disasters

UM No. 250, s.2018

  • Documentation of Appointments of School DRRM Coordinators

Division Advisory No. 076 s. 2018

  • Guidelines on the Documentation and Submission of Quarterly Reports for the Manila Bay Rehabilitation Interventions

UM No. 249, s.2018

  • DepEd Music, Sports, Dance and Various Competitions

UM No. 247, s.2018

  • School Based Deworming Program Guidelines

July 4

Division Memorandum No. 027, s.2018 (12:40pm)

  • Observance of the 2018 National Disaster Resilience Month

Division Advisory No. 075, s.2018 (12:38pm)

  • Invitational Participation to the Regional Inter-High School Food Technology (RIFT) Quiz Bowl and Creative Apprehension Through Food Technology (CrAFT) On-The-Spot Poster Making Contest

July 3

UM No. 246, s.2018 (5:58pm)

  • Synchronized Division Field Technical Assistance

UM No. 245, s.2018 (5:57pm)

Schools Division Research Committee (SDRC) Meeting and Evaluation of Research Proposal for School Year 2018-2019

UM No. 244, s.2018 (5:56pm)

  • Announcing the Second Batch of Recruitment, Selection and Hiring of Teacher I (Junior-Secondary-Senior High School)

UM No. 243, s.2018 (5:55pm)

  • Buwan ng Wika 2018-min

UM No. 242, s.2018 (5:53pm)

  • List of Records Custodian and Inventory of Records

UM No. 241, s.2018 (3:01pm)

  • Reiteration of Regional Memorandum Dated June 23, 2015 (Ensuring Equitable Workloads for Public Servants in DepEd CALABARZON)

UM No. 240, s.2018 (2:59pm)

  • Division Orientation and Learning Workshops on Result-Based Management System and Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers (RPMS-PPST)