February 2019


February 15

UM No. 96 s.2019 (4:01pm)

  • PMIS Workshop for Program Project Proponents

UM No. 95 s.2019 (4:00pm)

  • Property and Supply Monitoring, Evaluation and Technical Assistance

UM No. 094 s.2019 (12:23pm)

  • Orientation for: Room Examiners Room Supervisors and Chief Examiners for Administration and Equivalency AE Test

UM No. 093 s.2019 (10:40am)

  • Approved Appointment

UM No. 092 s.2019 (10:40am)

  • Division Orientation on Synchronized Instructions Procedures and Guidelines SIPAG

UM No. 091 s.2019 (10:40am)

  • Division Personnel and Public School Heads Meeting

February 12

Division Memorandum No. 001 s.2019 (7:33pm)

  • Administration of The Basic Education Assessment for School Year 2018 2019

Adv. No. 019 s.2019 (7:33pm)

  • Invitational Attendance to the Scholarship Grant for Academic Year 2019 2020 of Guang Ming College

Adv. No. 018 s.2019 (7:33pm)

  • Invitational Attendance to the Seminar Workshops of Center for the Professional Advancement of Educators

Adv. No. 017 s.2019 (7:33pm)

  • Invitational Attendance to the Various International Seminar Workshop of Philippine Association for Career Advancement of Educators

UM No. 088 s.2019 (7:33pm)

  • 38th Principals Training and Development Program and National Board Conference

UM No. 087 s.2019 (7:33pm)

  • Procedure on the Processing of GSIS and Private Lending Institution (PLI) Loan Application

UM No. 086 s.2019 (7:33pm)

  • City Schools Division of Cabuyao Observes National Dental Health Month Kinse (NDHM) Kinse Celebration

UM No. 085 s.2019 (7:33pm)

  • Conduct of Cy 2019 1st Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill NSED

UM No. 084 s.2019 (7:33pm)

  • Monitoring of Final Oral Defense in Research of Senior High School Students

UM No. 083 s.2019 (7:33pm)

  • Participation to the 2019 Cultural Center of the Philippines Summer Arts Academy

UM No. 082 s.2019 (7:33pm)

  • National Observances and Commemorations and Related Activities

UM No. 081 s.2019 (7:33pm)

  • Addendum to UM. 059 S.2019 CALABARZON Heroes Games

UM No. 080 s.2019 (7:33pm)

  • Additional List of Participants in Enhancing Biology Teaching Workshop Series in General Biology Genetics and Energetics for Science Teachers

UM No. 079 s.2019 (7:33pm)

  • Post Audited Plantilla Allocation List Pal

UM No. 078 s.2019 (7:33pm)

  • Training Workshop in Robotics Science Intelligent Machines Science Innovative Materials

UM No. 077 s.2019 (7:33pm)

  • 2019 Division Intellectual Disability Month

February 7

UM No. 76 s.2019 (12:00pm)

  • Enhancing Biology Teaching Workshop Series in General Biology, Genetics, and Energetics for Science Teachers

UM No. 75 s.2019 (12:00pm)

  • Strengthening the Implementation of the Youth for Environment in Schools Organization (YES-O) in Schools

UM No. 74 s.2019 (12:00pm)

  • Validation, Evaluation and Occular Inspection of Select Private Schools

UM No. 73 s.2019 (12:00pm)

  • Delegation of Specific Duties/Authorities of the Accountant And Budget Officer

February 6

Notice of Vacancy (5:00pm)

  • SDO Cabuyao Notice of Vacancy

UM No. 72 s.2019 (10:01am)

  • Use of Landbank (LBP) Oncoll Payment Slip in Depositing Payment for Inspection Fees of Private Schools Applying for Government Permit/Recognition, Starting School Year 2019-2020

UM No. 71 s.2019 (10:00am)

  • Submission of Application for Promotion to Head Teachers I & III For Junior High School Level

UM No. 70 s.2019 (10:00am)

  • Corrigendum to UM No. 69 s.2019 Schedule of Interview and Demonstration Teaching for Teacher I Applicants SY 2019-2020

February 4

UM No. 69 s.2019 (1:50pm)

  • Schedule of Interview and Demonstration Teaching For Teacher I Applicants SY 2019-2020

UM No. 66 s.2019 (1:00pm)

  • Submission of 2018 Statement of Assets, Liabilities, Networth and Disclosures of Business Interests and Financial Connections

UM No. 68 s.2019 (11:30am)

  • Submission of Public and Private Schools’ Policies on Child Protection and Anti-Bullying and Reports on Incidents of Bullying, Child Abuse, Children at Risk and Children in Conflict with the Law

UM No. 067 s.2019 (8:20am)

  • Celebration of National Arts Month

UM No. 065 s.2019 (8:15am)

  • Approved Appointment