December 2018

December 2018

December 17

UM No. 525 s.2018 (2:50pm)

  • Office Operations on December 18, 2018 Year End Reportorial Summit and December 20 & 21, 2018 Division Gender and Development Planning and Budget Finalization Conference

December 14

UM No. 524 s.2018 (11:34am)

  • Addendum to Division Unnumbered Memorandum 519 s.2018

UM No. 523 s.2018 (8:01am)

  • Teacher Profiling Study by the Asian Development Bank

UM No. 522 s.2018 (8:01am)

  • Division Gender and Development Planning and Budget Finalization Conference

UM No. 521 s.2018 (8:00am)

  • Proper Correction of Entries on all Records

December 13

UM No. 520 s.2018 (11:49am)

  • Evaluation of 2018 One Laguna Inter-Division Athletic Meet

UM No. 519 s.2018 (11:48am)

  • Year-End Reportorial Summit Cum School Governance Council (SGC) Conference

UM No. 518 s.2018 (8:00am)

  • Reiteration of DepEd Memorandum on Official DepEd Wallpapers

December 11

UM No. 517 s.2018 (4:29pm)

  • Division Seminar Workshop on Pedagogical and Assessment Skills of Araling Panlipunan Teachers

UM No. 516 s.2018 (10:43am)

  • Announcing the Call for Papers for the Research Advocacy for Community Empowerment (RACE) 2019

UM No. 515 s. 2018 (10:00am)

  • Distribution of Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRRM) Guidebooks

UM No. 512 s.2018 (10:00am)

  • Year-end Performance Appraisal and Development Planning 2018

December 10

UM No. 514 s.2018 (4:30pm)

  • First Management Review

UM No. 513 s.2018 (4:18pm)

  • Reiteration on the DepEd Order No. 114 s.2009 – Celebrating Christmas through Simple but Meaningful Activities

December 7

UM No. 511 s.2018 (5:30pm)

  • Addendum to Mid-Year Division In-service Training of Teachers on Pedagogical Retooling in Mathematics, Languages and Science for Junioe High School (Primals Plus) and TLE EPP TVL

UM No. 510 s.2018 (5:30pm)

  • Addendum to Division Unnumbered Memorandum No. 494, s.2018 Entitled ‘One Laguna Inter-Division Athletic Meet’

UM No. 509 s.2018 (5:30pm)

  • Clarification on the 8 Hour of Work

UM No. 508 s. 2018(1:40pm)

  • Cliniquing of 2019 NSPC Qualifiers-Individual and Group Contest (Phase 1)

December 5

Division Advisory No. 124 s.2018 (3:30pm)

  • Re: National Leadership Seminar-Workshop for Supreme Student Government Officers Organization/Class Officer of the Philippines Association for the Career Advancement of Educator’s

UM No. 507 s.2018 (3:30pm)

  • Approved Appointment

UM No. 506 s.2018 (1:02pm)

  • Official list of Presenters and Presentation Mechanics for Research Festival 2018 Going Up: Update, Upgrade, Uphold

UM No. 505 s. 2018 (1:01pm)

  • Submission of Learning and Development Plans (L&D)

UM No. 504 s.2018 (1:00pm)

  • Reiteration of DepEd Order No. 49 s.2018 and Adoption of Local Day Light

December 4

UM No. 503 s.2018 (4:07pm)

  • Room Assignment and Seat Plan for the 2018 Principal’s Test at P. Guevara MNHS, Sta. Cruz, Laguna

UM No. 502 s.2018 (4:07pm)

  • Division-wide Consultative Writeshop on Rubics For Kindergarten Blocks of Time Cum Classroom Management Practices

UM No. 501 s.2018 (4:06pm)

  • Submission of Application for Teacher I Positions in the Elementary and Junior High School Level

Memorandum No. 041 s.2018 (4:05pm)

  • Administration of the National Career Assessment Examination for School Year 2018-2019

Division Bulletin No. 011 s.2018 (4:05pm)

  • 2018 Outstanding Supreme Students Government (SSG) and Supreme Pupil Government (SPG)

December 3

Division Bulletin No. 010 s.2018 (5:05pm)

  • Continuous Improvement Program Convention (CIPC) 2018 Winners

UM No. 500 s.2018 (10:50am)

  • District Assignments of Division Nurses