August 2018

August 2018

August 31

UM No. 336 s.2018 (1:56pm)

  • Division-Meeting-with-School-Heads

UM No. 335 s.2018 (11:58am)

  • SDO-Management-Committee-Meeting

UM No. 334 s.2018 (11:58am)

  • Requirements-and-Procedures-for-Enrolment-of-Grade-1-Transitory-Pupils

UM No. 333 s.2018 (11:58am)

  • Joint-Team-Building-Fun-Games-and-Palarong-Lahi-of-ALS-SHSs-Learners-and-LSB-Employee

August 30

UM No. 332 s.2018 (5:10pm)

  • Schedule-of-Interview-and-On-The-Job-Assessment-for-Accountant-III-and-Special-Education-Teacher-I

Division Memorandum 035 s.2018 (5:10pm)


August 29

Division Memorandum No. 034 s.2018 (2:15pm)

  • Oplan Saliksik Caravan

UM No. 331 s.2018 (2:15pm)

  • Schedule of English Proficiency Test for Teacher I Applicants

UM No. 330 s.2018 (2:15pm)

  • Research Clinic Phase 3

August 28

UM No. 329 s.2018 (4:59pm)

  • City-Division-Wide-Kid-Pasiklab-and-Kabsayahan-2018

UM No. 328 s.2018 (4:59pm)

  • Pre-planning-Committee-meeting-on-2018-Division-Skills-Exhibition-Technolympics

UM No. 327 s.2018 (3:25pm)

  • Division SPEd Meeting

August 23

Division Advisory 091 s.2018 (5:35pm)

  • Climate Change Program for School Year 2018-2019 of Pivot Edutainment

Division Advisory No. 090 s.2018 (5:34pm)

  • Invitation to visit Elite Technopark Park by Travel Earth Tours and-Adventures

UM No. 326 s.2018 (5:33pm)

  • National-Power-Quiz-and-Research-Congress

UM No. 325 s.2018 (5:32pm)

  • Addendum to the Division Memorandum No. 310, S. 2018 entries to the 2nd National Competition on Storybook Writing

UM No. 324 s.2018 (5:31pm)

  • National Competitive Examination NCE of the DOST Philippine Science High School

UM No. 323 s.2018 (5:30pm)

  • 25th Biosciences Quiz Bee

UM No. 322 s.2018 (5:29pm)

  • Pansangay na tagisan ng talento sa Filipino

UM No. 321 s.2018 (5:28pm)

  • Pansangay na tagisan sa Ispeling I ispel mo

August 22

UM No. 320 s.2018 (11:06am)

  • Submission of Requirements for Reclassification

August 20

ADVISORY Notice of Vacancies (5:32pm)

UM No. 319 s.2018 (11:34am)

  • Reiteration on the Submission of Report on Stolen DepEd Computerization Program (DCP) Equipment in Schools

Ranklist of Master Teacher I and II (Elementary and Junior High School) (8:52am)

August 16

UM No. 318 s.2018 (10:52am)

  • Second Founding Anniversary City Schools Division of Cabuyao

August 15

August 14

UM No. 317 s.2018 (4:12pm)

  • 34th Convention of ASEAN Council of Teacher’s + 1 (ACT+!1)

UM No. 316 s.2018 (1:16pm)

  • Addendum to the Division Memorandum no. 301, s.2018 Re The Inter-Regional Post Delivery Audit and Inventory of Learning Resources

UM No. 315 s.2018 (1:16pm)

  • Submission of Application for the Remaining Teaching-Related and Non-Teaching Positions

UM No. 314 s.2018 (1:16pm)

  • Alternative Learning System (ALS) Memorandum of Agreement Signing and Mid-Year Performance Assessment

UM No. 313 s.2018 (1:16pm)

  • Submission of Application for the Remaining Teacher I Positions for Junior High School

Division Memorandum No.033 s.2018 (1:16pm)

  • Oplan Saliksik Caravan SHS Edition

August 10

UM No. 312 s.2018 (4:34pm)

  • Development of Division Quality Assurance, Technical Assistance, Monitoring and Evaluation (QATAME) Associates Pool Cum Orientation-Workshop on School-Based Management (SBM)

UM No. 311 s.2018 (4:34pm)

  • Conduct of CY 2018 3rd Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED)

UM No. 310 s.2018 (4:34pm)

  • Entries to the 2nd National Competition on Storybook Writing

UM No. 309 s.2018 (4:34pm)

  • Coordination Meeting og Technical Working Group (TWG) on the Conduct of the Division Training-Workshop on Strengthening the Conduct of Learning Action Cell (LAC)

UM No. 308 s.2018 (4:34pm)

  • Submission of SHS Tracer Study Related Data

August 9

Registry of Qualified Applicants for Junior High School (5:14pm)

UM No. 307 s.2018 (5:14pm)

  • Addendum to the Unnumbered Memorandum no. 276 s.2018 Yes to Health, Check to Makalidad na Edukasyon dulot ng Labing may ngiti Project vis-a-vis Oplan Fluoridization para sa mga Mag-aaral ng Cabuyao

UM No. 306 s.2018 (5:14pm)

  • Pagpupulong ng mga Kasapi ng Komite ng Pansangay na Paligsahan para sa Buwan ng Wika

UM No. 305 s.2018 (5:14pm)

  • Submission of Designation of School Science Coordinator and Yes-O Adviser

UM No. 304 s.2018 (5:14pm)

  • Submission of Updated Inventory of Science Equipment and Contextualized Learning Materials

August 8

UM No. 303 s.2018 (6:37pm)

  • Submission of OK sa DepEd One Health Week School Progress Report

UM No. 302 s.2018 (6:36pm)

  • Division Personnel Pre-Service Program Orientation

Division Memorandum 032 s.2018 (6:35pm)

  • Division Orientation and Capability Building for TIP Mentors

Division Advisory No.088 s.2018 (6:35pm)

  • Postponement of Launching of Herbal Medicine Plants to School Program (H and M Plants to School Program)

August 6

Division Advisory No. 087 s.2018 (4:21pm)

  • Invitational Attendance to the 3rd Annual Conference of Philippine Association of Teachers, Administration and Practitioners in Education INC. (PATAPE)

UM No. 301 s.2018 (4:20pm)

  • Inter-Regional Post Delivery Audit and Inventory of Learning Resources

UM No. 300 s.2018 (4:20pm)

  • Pagbabago sa Iskedyul ng DivLAC UM 272 s.2018

UM No. 299 s.2018 (4:19pm)

  • Division Training-Workshop on Strengthening the Conduct of Learning Action Cell (LAC)

UM No. 298 s.2018 (4:18pm)

  • ISO 9001 2015 Quality Manual Writing Session

UM No. 297, s.2018 (9:25am)

  • Corrigendum to Unnumbered Memorandum no. 263, s.2018 First SPED and GSP Joint Activity in Celebration of Disability Month

UM No. 296, s.2018 (9:24am)

  • Conduct of Career Guidance Validation Survey and Career Coaching

UM No. 295, s.2018 (9:24am)

  • ISO 9001 2015 Quality Management System (QMS) Hour

August 1

UM No. 294 s.2018 (5:16pm)

  • Research Clinic Phase 2 and CARE Officers Meeting

UM No. 293 s.2018 (5:14pm)

  • Attendance of All Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel of City Schools Division of Cabuyao To Thanksgiving Mass in Celebration of the 6th Cityhood Anniversary of Cabuyao City

UM No. 292 s.2018 (5:12pm)

  • Discouraging the Use of Facebook Messenger, Free Yahoo Accounts and Free Gmail Accounts in Communicating Personal Information

UM No. 291 s.2018 (5:10pm)

  • Simultaneous Conduct of Schools Intramural Games

UM No. 290 s.2018 (5:09pm)

  • Division Teachers’ Training on Critical Content for Filipino 7

UM No. 289 s.2018 (5:09pm)

  • New Facebook page – Deped Cabuyao

UM No. 288 s.2018 (5:08pm)

  • 3rd Siyensya Filmmaking Competition of The Department of Science and Technology- Science Education Institute

UM No. 287 s.2018 (5:07pm)

  • Latest Authority to Travel Format

UM No 286 s.2018 (5:07pm)

  • Accomplishment of Monthly Monitoring Report on The Implementation of The DLP On Preventive Drug Education

UM No. 285 s.2018 (5:07pm)

  • Call for The Scholarship Nomination for The Regional Training Program on Learning and Course Management System (LMS) Best Classroom Technology Integration

UM No. 284 s.2018 (5:07pm)

  • University of the Philippines College Admission Test and Roadshow 2019

UM No. 283 s.2018 (5:07pm)

  • Retooling of Elementary and Junior High School Mathematics Coaches

Division Advisory No. 086 s.2018 (4:57pm)

  • 2018 International Social Science Camp of the Borres Youth Leadership Institute

Division Advisory No. 085 s.2018 (4:56pm)

  • 2018 International Conference on Biodiversity and Climate Change 2018 of the Misamis University

Division Advisory No. 084 s.2018 (4:56pm)

  • 2018 Cybercon Asia 2018 of the Worldtech Information solutions Inc.

Division Advisory No. 083 s.2018 (4:54pm)

  • 2018 Showing of The Film, Honor-The Legacy of Jose Abad Santos

Division Advisory No. 082 s.2018 (4:51pm)

  • 2018 Iexperience and Skymobile Activities For School Year 2018-2019 Of The VPIX Events Management Services

UM No. 282 s.2018 (9:20am)

  • First Meeting of All School LRMDS Coordinator